Student / Staff Creation

This one time setup module, where all student and staff details are recorded. Entire school mobile application ERP work based on this module. All kinds of student staff reports are taken using this module. To make work easier for school admin we have also created an option to upload entire school students and staff record in a single click in CSV format.

This module will have all essential details like their name, standard, parents detail, address, contact number, blood group, religion, previous certificate details.

Send Announcement

In any emergency situation school find it extremely difficult to transfer message to parents. We have created an announcement module on parent school mobile application, where all parents will get the announcement details through the app. Not only emergency situation even for inviting parents for an even this announcement module will be very useful .

Check Homework

This module will have detail report about teachers who have given homework and teacher who failed to send home work. This will be very useful for school to track individual teacher performance, If a teacher is not assigning homework for a long period then something is wrong either she is not yet completed her task or forgot to send homework. With existing model school have no options to identify which teachers has not submitted homework.

Time Table

Timetable creation for student and staff, admin can create timetable and parents staff can view it through their application. Parents can check their kids timetable at any time any place. Staff allocation is also easy for school administration. Finding teachers how all are free for a particular hour is so simple through our app.