Home Work

Parents can check daily homework through our school ERP mobile application. Previous date homework also can be checked. Home work message will pop up until last submission date. If home work has any marks associated, that information is also displayed.

Its very easy for both mother and father to track their kids homework schedule. In current situation parent who have time to look into their diary only can know about their kids homework, practically its not possible in current scenario. Keeping these things in mind we have modified our school home work application.


Daily attendance report will reach parent mobile once attendance is taken in school. If your kid is absent today, you will get instant SMS alert about their leave. Main challenge for schools and parents is whether student has reached school safely, when a message from school is triggered to parents about their kids attendance status parents will be relief.

Attendance report module is also present in our mobile application, parent can check student entire month attendance report.


School normally conduct many events, inviting parents to all event is not practically possible for school and as well as parents to attend all events is not possible. To bridge this gap we designed an module which has all events photograph in category order. This brings knowledge to parents about all school activity.

Parents can also share their kids school performance. The photograph will be maintained for one academic year, so parents can view or download photos at any time during the academic year.


This is one of the important mobile application of our school ERP. In this modern world parents find very difficult to communicate a message to school and vice versa. We have created an communication app through parents can send communication directly to corresponding staff through mobile.

Both parents being office going person they don't have time to come to school to know about their kids performance, to over come this problem we have created this communication module. communication can be sent from teacher to parents and vice versa.


We believe every parent will love this module, when your kid not reached home at right time parents get worried, to solve this problem we have created a module which will pinpoint exact bus location at this moment

We have fitted a GPS device which will track the bus from school to your home, any time you can open this module and track the bus.