Student Report

Principal face tough time when a parent comes and enquires about their kids performance, in existing method principal has to depend on the student class teacher to know about the kid performance. The report given by the teacher will be general report, teacher cannot give statistic report. To solve all this issue we have created this report generation machine which will give entire school student detail by entering his admission number.

Report will consists of student personal details, mark details, attendance details, education comparison report. extra curricular activity, term wise mark report, subject wise remarks.

Staff Report

Staff salary hike is based on their performance, the performance report is based on one individual assumption. To break this and give a clear picture about staff performance details we have created staff report engine which will give staff entire report like staff personal details, class handled by a teacher, class teacher, subject handled, top performer by mark, pass percentage, fail percentage, mark improvements, high and least scoring students, total number of working days, last drawn salary, total working hours, total free hours, extra curricular activity.

School Performance

Principal and school higher authority can manage the school form anywhere anytime in globe. All student activity will be covered through our mobile application and final report will be generated to principal login. Principal daily school activity to monitor student and staff like attendance, mark, interaction with parents, sending important announcement, send communication to teacher everything can be done through our school application and many more (check our application)


School data security plays a vital role, we have hosted our application in a cloud server which is physically located in Canada. Principal has all rights in this software to stop functioning at any moment, to take backup all data in any machine at any point of time.

Parent and staff login can be disabled at any point of time. User permission all can be set based on role.