I believe for past 20 years attendance are taken in same method. Teacher use to carry an attendance note and mark attendance for students. The biggest draw back is parents will not know about their kids presence in school unless they come and meet class teacher directly.

Using our school attendance application teachers no need to carry attendance note and once attendance is taken parents will intimated about attendance status.

Teacher has to mark only absentee , default all students will be present, this will reduce their work.

Home Work

Primary school teacher has write todays homework in individual student diary or the kids has to copy the homework written on the board, This is such a challenging work for both teachers and student. To solve this we introduced this home work app which a teacher entering todays home work in our app, it will automatically pass that homework to all class students.

Teacher can provide all details about home work like home work submission date, any mark associated with this home work.


Another challenging work for school is Rank card. We have created a mark module where teacher can feed all marks in a single click in CSV format. Parents can view their kids mark, class topper for individual subjects, kids exam performance comparison with their previous exam.

Parents can know about their student performance compared to other students in class. Parents can also view their kids performance compared to previous exam scores.


Teachers duty to communicate to parents about their kid activity to all parents,but this is not practically possible. Even in parents teachers meeting its not possible for a teacher to meet all parents individually and comment on their kids performance.

This module is a simple tool where teacher can spend few mins and send communication to parents about their kids performance or behaviour in school.